I’m so sorry. I wanted to make
you proud but I feel like I’m
only holding on by my teeth.
I’m sorry. I wanted to
make you happy. I wanted to
be your anchor but we’re
both drowning now.

Kaylie R. Brisbourne, as I was almost there, I went under again. (via some-blue-eyed-metaphor)

I find it funny how everything can seem so awful, but then it settles down for a little while and then suddenly one day everything that could go wrong does and you realize that maybe things are meant to be awful. Maybe you were supposed to feel stupid because maybe you are - well, not you. By “you” I mean me. But…Maybe you were supposed to be the failure of everything - literally. Maybe people were supposed to hate you - including yourself. Maybe you were supposed to starve yourself until you blacked out in the middle of the hallway. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to love you. Maybe you weren’t supposed to be loved in general. Maybe, just maybe, this life wasn’t meant for you - meant for me. Maybe I’m not meant for life.

late night thoughts (via 14beanie-boo)

I’m afraid of getting close to you again
Because you left me and that’s when the wall formed
And the ice froze over
And the world became confused
And my days became dazed
And I stopped loving everyone
Apart from you

I can’t tell you my true feelings (via modifyy)

How ironic, the one who always leaves has abandonment issues.

Wordless Poet (via savncross)

I hid my deepest feelings so well I forgot where I placed them.

Amy Tan, Saving Fish From Drowning (via feellng)